Youth Advisory Committee

Over 20 years ago, in efforts to increase the giving capacity of Community Foundations and to engage youth in the grant making process, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation sponsored a Youth Challenge for Community Foundations to grow youth endowment funds. These endowment funds were to be used exclusively for grants allocated by youth advisory committees for local nonprofits’ youth programming.

The Schoolcraft County Community Foundation applied for a grant through the Youth Challenge. In May of 1998, SCCF announced it had met the $30,000 goal.  The first Youth Advisory Council or YAC was established.

YAC is a subcommittee of SCCF with a permanently endowed youth fund, the Kellogg Fund. It is composed of youth members ages 12-21 who review and allocate grant dollars to local non-profits’ youth programming. YAC recommendations are reviewed and voted on by the SCCF board of directors.

Grants from the Kellogg Fund must be recommended by the Youth Advisory Council, which it does twice a year, in May and November. YAC also does community service and fund raising under the direction of its coordinator, Alyssa Mason.

Since those early beginnings, the Kellogg Fund’s balance on Aug. 31, 2020 was about $155,000. Since SCCF grants only from earnings, not from principal, the Kellogg Fund has about $5,887 available for granting in 2021.

YAC 2020-2021

President: Raya Twardokus (senior)
Vice President: Ella Schuetter (freshman) Secretary: Ashton Hutchinson (senior – not pictured) Treasurer: Nate Schoenow (freshman)

Senior Representatives: ​Emily King
Junior Representatives: ​Trevor Bosanic, Olivia Kingren, and Andon Rodman
Sophomore Representatives: ​Macy Green and Ava Hinkson Freshman Representatives: ​Carsyn Hinkson

Daughter of Julie & Mike Casey and Regan and Mark Twardokus
School Activities: ​Basketball, drama, YETI, NHS
Outside of School Interests:​ reading, scrapbooking, and spending time with friends.

Daughter of Dale and Mary King
School Activities:​ Drama, robotics, NHS, YETI
Outside of School Interests:​ Playing clarinet and writing

Son of Nick and Shaunta Bosanic
School Activities:​ NHS and golf
Outside of School Interests:​ hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and boating

Daughter of Russell and Tina Kingren
School Activities:​ Basketball, NHS
Outside of School Interests:​ Listening to music, hanging out with friends, shopping

Son of Ryan Rodman and Carrie Kane
School Activities:​ NHS and Student Leadership
Outside of School Interests:​ Working with my dad, exercising, and listening to music

Daughter of Dennis Green, Kim Green
School Activities:​ volleyball, basketball, YETI
Outside of School Interests:​ reading

Daughter of Kayla Carlson and Steve Hinkson
School Activities:​ YETI, volleyball, track
Outside of School Interests:​ drawing

Son of Shanna Hoholik and Steve Hinkson
School Activities:​ Hockey
Outside of School Interests:​ Fishing, hockey, winter sports

Son of Dave and Jenny Schoenow
School Activities:​ Swim, YETI, Scouts, and student leadership (class treasurer)
Outside of School Interests:​ Swimming, camping, and outdoor activities

Daughter of Britteny Eveningred and Greg Schuetter
School Activities:​ YETI and volleyball
Outside of School Interests:​ volleyball and hanging out with friends and family

**No Bio yet for Ashton Hutchinson


Students in Manistique High School’s biology and chemistry classes enjoyed a trip to Sutton’s Bay, MI where they boarded the Inland Seas to learn and engage in Great Lakes science. The Schoolcraft County Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Council recommended granting $600 to help pay transportation costs for 29 students to attend the Inland Seas Education Association scholarship program last year. The funding came from the foundation’s Kellogg Youth Fund.